Tuesday, 7 May 2013

It's been a really long time.

And when I say, that I mean, a really, really long time.

So much has happened since I last blogged.  I had another baby. R uby L ouise she was 9lb and born in my husbands car on the way to work!  You can see our segment on the news here!

And she is already 5 months! And on the move!

I've managed to fit very little sewing or crafting in since she was born - but this is one of the quilts I have finished. It is currently available for sale.  It is using beautiful Natalie Lymer fabric - I just adore it!

We've also adopted two ex- battery hens!  We are getting a few eggs a week.  Would be nice if we got more but I'm just happy that we've given them a chance at life.  They had been out of the battery farm for one week when we got them.  They've been de-beaked and have lots of feathers missing.  Mr. C has named them Sweetie and Primrose!


I promise to not leave it so long between blogs next time!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday...

It's that time of week again!  Time for me to show you some of the exciting things (or not so exciting things) that are happening at Miss Jones Sews.

For a while there, I only had one project on the go!  No of course I'm inundated with things to do.  And my 'to do' list seems to be growing.

I finally worked out a design for the Ahoy Matey Quilt and I've cut all the fabric for it - except for the 50 or so 1" strips that I need.  To be honest, I'm kind of putting that off! This quilt will be listed for sale on my Facebook page once it is finished. 

I'm making my second custom baby quilt, this is a unisex quilt, the recipient is giving it to a work colleague and they don't know what they are having.  I'm feeling very nervous about it, because I'm unsure if it will be unisex enough!  I'm using Grow With Me from Moda.

The very best WIP I'm working on is this little beauty. 

It's our baby's face!  She is measuring perfectly which is a huge relief as our last baby was measuring too small.

I few things that I have finished this week are a change mat clutch (I will also have these for sale soon) and the personalised baby quilt I showed you in my last post.

Possibly the most exciting thing is that I officially launched Miss Jones Sews and now I have a logo! 

Gem from Two Little Blue Birds created it for me.  I love it!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Pinwheel Quilt

The baby's pinwheel quilt is finally finished! 

I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end.  I was so pleased when I found some perfect Leicin Fabric for $5.95 for the backing!  I'd been kicking myself that I didn't buy yardage in the moda fabric I used for the pinwheels but I think the Leicin looks great. 

I also made a pinwheel mobile to go over the change table, it's not quite finished so I won't post pictures until it's up!

We have decided on a name for our baby (stay tuned for that..) so I decided to set it in stone, I would make a personalised baby quilt.  I made one for my niece back in July and I think it's going to be my go to baby gift for anyone I know having a baby!  (Lots of people at the moment!)

Anyway, after I finished it I decided that since it's got apples and apple trees on it and my friend is having a baby called 'Apple'  I would give it to her instead.   I think I'll back it with red. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hopefully a WIP Wednesday post doesn't have to reflect the achievements I've made on a Wednesday because today that would be none.  Normally on a Wednesday my eldest Charlie goes to family day care, but his carer is having today off so he's at home with me (something he's not all to happy about!).

This week, hasn't seen me do a lot of sewing really.  Although it has seen me launch my little hobby business called Miss Jones Sews (hence, the blog name change).  You can find me on Facebook here.

I also gave my friend the Zig Zag quilt and she gave me payment for it, which I promptly spent on more fabric for my very first official Miss Jones Sews quilt.  It will be a boy cot quilt using Michael Miller's Ahoy Matey line. The only quilt I've made for a boy is Charlie's so I'm very excited about it.

In terms of sewing, I honestly haven't done a lot.  I've managed to finish all of the blocks for the baby's quilt and sorted them into how I want them.  I've sewn the first three rows, but that's it. Really need to get a wriggle on I'm due in 9.5 weeks!

I've picked the fabric for the angel HST BOF sew along, I'm doing, but now I'm two weeks behind!!! Hopefully I'll get it done soon!

So not a lot of sewing, but lots of decisions so I guess that's something. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A non quilting project.

Much to my husband's surprise, I actually created something that wasn't a quilt!!!

I've decided this year that I'm going to make all of the children in my life a little something.  Since Santa is bringing my kids a toy kitchen I thought the perfect accessory would be aprons.   Yesterday I decided to give one a go and I was rather happy with how it turned out.  I drafted the pattern myself, so there are a few little things I will change when I make the next one. But overall I'm very happy with it.

This week, I also made a burp cloth (yes, 2 non quilting projects in a week!)   I also drafted this one myself.  It's basically 100% quilters cotton on one side and the other is just a good old cloth nappy.   It's to go with the quilt I made for my friend's friend.

And the finished quilt. To be honest, this is my best finished project yet.  The binding and corners are PERFECT and I'm so chuffed with the way it's turned out.

I also finished the bassinet quilt, but I'm not happy with it.  Actually I would probably say I HATE it.  Hopefully the baby's cot quilt turns out better than the bassinet quilt did.

In other news I've been invited to be a part of the Sewing Sisterhood, I'm very honored to be among such a wonderful group of talented ladies.  On the 1st of October they are having a Sewing Showcase.   I won't have anything in the showcase because I don't (yet) have a business.  But, watch this space ;)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

I've decided to participated in Blossom Heart Quilts "A Very Merry HST BOF"  I guess you would call it a sew along?  Anyhow, I've decided to participate.  It's something that I've never done before.  This year, I've decided to make a gift for each person and I had decided to make a table runner for my mother in law and although this is supposed to end up as a quilt, I thought that I would make it into a table runner!

So, today I got stuck into the first block 'tinsel'  and here is my end result

It certainly isn't perfect and there is room for improvement, but as it's my first time working with HST's (Half Square Triangles). I'm really happy with it.

The next one is called 'angel' and I'm really looking forward to making it.  Although, I think I'll need to buy some more Christmassy fabric as my stash is very very small.

In other quilts, I've finished the top for the bassinet quilt for the baby.  I took photos as I went so I might do a sort of tutorial. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

WIP Wednesday: 3 baby quilts on the go!

I currently have 3 projects on the go.  Two for my unborn child (a baby girl), and one a friend has asked me to make for her friend who is due around the same time as me (December).

For our baby girl, pinwheels is the theme we've  I've picked out for her nursery.  I'm not into loads of pink and girlyness so it's fairly gender neutral.

So far I've made about 15 of the 30 pinwheel blocks.  It's taking me a while and I'm using my seam ripper LOADS!

I wanted a vintage sort of feel to her room so I'm using 30's Playtime by Chloe's Closet for Moda

Here are a few of the pinwheel blocks I've made thus far.

The design brief for my friends quilt was basically "I trust your creative instinct, do what you like" which was a bit overwhelming at first (still is actually).  I don't know the friend she is giving it to, so didn't want it too be too girly (she is having a girl).  I picked a kind of zig zag pattern and this is the finished quilt top.

I'm loving the colour! I've decided to do a purple back with scrappy binding.

The third project that is on the go is a cradle quilt for our baby.  I'm thinking of an appliqued circle quilt using Meadow Friends by Deb Strain for Moda (Ever since I've finished Lucille's 1+2 quilt in Deb Strain fabric, I've had a bit of a crush on her fabric lines!!)  

I really can't decide if I should do the circles on a white background or on a patterned background. Or if I should do whole circles or quarter circles sewn into whole circles!